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Workforce Development: A Way to Help America

In the nation, including in Arkansas, the need for a skilled workforce is already here and is growing exponentially as baby boomers begin to leave the workplace. On June 15, President Trump signed Executive Order 13801, seeking to expand our nation’s workforce development programs and significantly increase the number of … Read More »

DOL Announces Immigration Fraud Enforcement

On June 7, 2017, the U.S. Secretary of Labor announced its plans to be more pro-active in pursuing entities committing visa program fraud abuse. The Secretary has ensured that the Department of Labor is focused on applying all laws governing the administration and enforcement of non-immigrant visa programs. Specifically, the … Read More »

Punishing Wasting Time in the Era of the Apple Watch

March is at a close, and so too is March Madness. March Madness is the NCAA basketball tournament obsessed about and betted on all over the country. It is during this time, with games running from noon until late at night, you can find many people sneaking the games on … Read More »

Governor Signs Bill into Law Clarifying Provisions of AMMA

Today the Governor signed into law a bill clarifying the employment provisions of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment. The new law provides guidance for Arkansas employers who are required to comply with the marijuana law’s employment provisions while maintaining safe workplaces for employees and the public. The bill was primarily … Read More »

Bill to Amend the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment Passes

A bill clarifying the employment provisions of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment (AMMA) has passed both houses of the Arkansas Legislature, and is awaiting the Governor’s signature. The bill provides guidance to Arkansas employers seeking to comply with the AMMA while simultaneously fulfilling their duty to provide a safe workplace … Read More »

Proposed Rules Shed Light on the Implementation of the Arkansas Marijuana Law

The State of Arkansas is one step closer to implementing the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment (AMMA). The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission recently released proposed rules and regulations governing the licensing of cultivation facilities and dispensaries. The Commission must begin accepting applications for licenses by July 1, 2017. Pursuant to the … Read More »

Medical Marijuana: What Does This Mean to Employers?

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment (AMMA) legalizes the use of marijuana. The AMMA was approved by Arkansas voters with a 53-47% approval margin. Even though marijuana remains illegal under federal law, more than half of the states allow medicinal and/or recreational use of the drug, with Arkansas being one of … Read More »

Is Your Website ADA-Accessible?

by: Abtin Mehdizadegan You installed wheelchair ramps in offices; your doorways are at least thirty-two inches wide; you have braille printed on signs; and you have taken all of the steps necessary to provide physical access to your business for disabled employees, clients, or visitors. You believe that your business … Read More »

Deadline Approaching for Using “Smart” Form I-9

The new “Smart” Form I-9 has been released and the deadline for using the new form is quickly approaching. Employers may continue using the current version of Form I-9 until January 21, 2017. After January 21, all previous versions of the Form I-9 will be invalid, and employers will be required to … Read More »