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Don’t “Flip Flop” on Your Company’s Dress Code

by Cindy Kolb As the weather heats up, companies are often faced with employees who may blur the lines of appropriate workplace attire. Flip-flops, revealing clothing and even beachwear sometimes make an appearance at work during the summer months. Employers should be proactive about having and enforcing a dress code. … Read More »

Summer Travel Alert for Visa Holders

by Misty Wilson Borkowski Summer is the time for vacation, for everyone. So, naturally, even foreign nationals living, working and/or studying in the U.S. will want to take a vacation. Foreign nationals should not have issues traveling within the U.S. However, if planning to travel to your home country, the … Read More »

Aruba, Jamaica, Can I Dock that Paycheck?

by Mary Cooper The cold, blustery days of winter have finally given way to the sunshine and warmth of summer we all daydreamed about just a few months ago. For many employees, this long-anticipated seasonal change brings with it a very important agenda item– VACATION! Employers often spend time worrying … Read More »

Same-Sex Marriage and Employment Benefits: What You Need to Know

by Greg Northen An entire year has already passed since the United States Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in United States v. Windsor, which struck down the Defense of Marriage Act’s definition of marriage to be between “one man and one woman.” Much was written on the impact of that case … Read More »

Summertime Leave and Vacation Planning: Know Before You Go

by Joe Ramsey Even though the duties and responsibilities may not actually change that much, there is just something different about the workplace during the summer. One of the major differences concerns vacation and scheduling issues. While key employees may be absent, the significance of their duties remains. Likewise, you … Read More »

Plant Closings and Layoffs Under the WARN Act

by Abtin Mehdizadegan In our dynamic economy, many businesses are streamlining operations to maintain a competitive position in the marketplace, which often times necessitates the elimination of existing jobs or facilities. The summer months are particularly active for certain industries in the areas of layoffs and plant closings, and employers … Read More »

OFCCP Disability Regulations Implemented; ABC Challenge Dismissed

A ruling was issued Monday, March 24, 2014, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in the case of Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc. v. Patricia A. Shiu. Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), a national trade association representing 22,000 members from more than 19,000 construction and industry-related … Read More »

Federal Contractors Should Prepare for Increased Scrutiny from DOL Regarding Affirmative Action and Prevailing Wages

by Abtin Mehdizadegan Federal contactors will face unique challenges in 2014 under the current regulatory climate within the Department of Labor (“DOL”). Specifically, the DOL adopted new regulations—scheduled to take effect on March 24, 2014—that will significantly increase a contractor’s affirmative action obligations with respect to veterans and individuals with … Read More »

HR Audit: Are Your Policies Up-to-Date?

by Joe Ramsey In employment law, effective foresight is crucial to avoid regrettable hindsight. With the numerous hurdles and obstacles facing employers in their relationships with employees, it is not sufficient to focus only on certain issues while devoting little or no attention to others. Still, certain employment law areas … Read More »

Immigration Law in 2014: An Employer’s To-Do List

by Misty Wilson Borkowski If you are looking to reduce stress, the cliché is “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” But, if you want to avoid fines and penalties for I-9 Form violations, “the devil is in the details!” The same can be said for making sure your company’s foreign nationals … Read More »