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Register Now for Greg Northen's HR Holiday Wrap-Up!

Wahooooo, 2020 is coming to an end! Celebrate with Greg Northen's HR Holiday Wrap-Up!

This webinar, presented live via Zoom, will cover a number of common issues that face HR and other administrative professionals, as well as a few that are unique to 2020. With an overview of legal issues, updates to various workplace rules, and a few pun-filled, holiday-themed case studies, we will work to apply recent legal guidance relating to real-world personnel challenges as well as a forecast into 2021, including:

• It was a Grinch of an election season. What can we expect in 2021?

• Is Santa’s sleighride through the office a COVID super-spreader event?

• Is the Elf on the Shelf engaging in harassing behavior?

• Ebenezer Scrooge thinks his remote workers are not working hard enough, so he wants to reduce their pay. Can he do that?

• How should we respond to Clark Griswold’s request for new safety measures?

Additional topics will likely arise and any related questions are encouraged during this interactive webinar. Come prepared with questions over your workplace’s 2020 experiences (all 18 months’ worth)!

Register here:

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